We have a WINNER!!!

Thank-you all for posting comments with such touching stories!  Not that this will necessarily come as a surprise but there were definitely some waterworks going on!  … My Mom has already posted to say that the sleepless trait is inherited and I'd have to say that I come by the emotions honestly as well….something I am thankful for, I'm glad that I put my heart into all that I do and enjoy and share whole-heartedly!  Thanks Mom!  đŸ™‚  

I have tried to respond to each comment and again thank-you and want you to know that I truly appreciate your stories and knowing that you've been moved or inspired by stopping in to read.  

On to our winner….. I had chosen #7 and am so glad we made it to that # so that I can give away free goodies!  Kirsten has won a Sale A Bration item and I can't wait to see what she chooses and what she creates with it!  

Here is Kirsten's comment to share with you,

'Alanna, I am so proud of you taking on a  blog! You are much braver than I! I enjoyed your posts, and your story of your little Lennon shopping for you. My stories never translate into words on a page, I think because I am way too animated and sarcastic for my own good! I will look forward to your posts, and our classes and most of all your company! Have a great day!'

Thanks again everyone for playing along with my challenge!  Have a wonderful Friday!  We'll be enjoying a PD day which means no school, sleeping in (I hope) and maybe even spending the day in our Jammies (who am I kidding? …my 6 year old likes to set an alarm, does his hair and gets dressed before he even comes to say good morning….let's hope this continues in his teenage years….his sleepy younger brother will make up for it!   …oh, and maybe I'll get back with another project to share?!

Posted on : Feb 25 2011
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Feb 25, 2011 - 10:02:33
Lisa said:

Oh man I would have shared my dog poop stories and would have posted pics if I knew prizes were involved!  He he

Feb 25, 2011 - 10:02:45
Alanna said:

Well, it was kind of endearing how your sweet, adorable daughter shared her precious ‘poo rock’ with you! Better you than me! lol! Just kidding, thanks for sharing!

Feb 25, 2011 - 12:02:20
Kirsten said:

Thanks! I'm so excited! This is a wonderful forum for all of us ladies to get to together and chat about our passion. And next time I forget how to emboss something I will come right here! ( don't ask, it was a bad day!) I'm also excited about winning because I can get the other stamp set I was wanting! So Happy For You , That's a funny name for a stamp set considering that is how I feel! Thanks again!

Feb 25, 2011 - 01:02:43
Brenda Skene said:

Congratulations , Kristen! Thanks to Alanna who shared the precious stories of the wonderful boys and to all who shared their stories. I am truly inspired by the lovely ladies. Brenda S.

Feb 25, 2011 - 03:02:58
Brenda Skene said:

Thank you to Alanna and the others for sharing and even though it was many years ago, I remember being at my Mom’s house and they had wallpaper with fruit and other foods on it and my son would sit on herknees at the kitchen table and she would take pretend fruit from the wallpaper and he would pretend to eat it and this would go on for a long time, and they would laugh and then say they were “full”!! I will forever have those memories and you will too, Alanna, with your special little boys. Brenda S.