When will it be Spring?!

(& Winner of the Cheery Challenge as well as a 2nd Opportunity for the Birthday Stamp a Stack)  …read on...

WIth March only a day away, Spring must be right around the corner?!  …please, pretty please!  We're ready for Spring & we're definitely ready for all these germs to go away!  It seems we've continually had someone in the house sick for most of the Winter.  …this time, it's Daddy who has been hit the hardest!  I have to confess, he's not what some would consider typical of a their spouse, when he's sick, he usually just keeps going.  He doesn't usually lay around sick even if he feels it.  So, when he went back to bed for the entire morning on Saturday (after not even a sip of his morning cup of Joe…an even bigger sign) we knew he felt BAD.  Whatever this bug is, it seems that just when someone is feeling better again, they get knocked back down!  Poor Ryan!  While the page I'm going to share with you today may not be his idea of a picker upper, I hope it makes you feel like Spring and lifts your spirits!  We'll try to lift his spirits with rest, relaxation and some humor from the boys!  Here's one from Lennon, he asked Ryan, 'Daddy, do you know what toes eat?' …'they eat toe jam!'  No joking, he wasn't trying to make up a joke, he just asked so innocently…that's what makes it even better!  

I intended to get back sooner with a new project but with a few unwanted visitors (the germs) in the house, I didn't get as much done as I'd hope for.  …we also missed a much anticipated trip home to share in the birthday celebration for 5 family members.  We had one sad 6 yr old.  So, we'll have to do something family related to make it up to him when Daddy is better.  Lennon (our 3 yr old), couldn't have cared less…he too had a cold and didn't want to go swimming, he cried that it would make the snot come out his nose!  Thankfully, he's feeling MUCH better already!  I have stamp club tonight so tomorrow I hope to get to sharing something new and fun with you! Until then, I have an oldie, but a goodie!

So, while I best not share photos of my sick Super Hero (the Villains must have drained some of his powers….or wait, maybe that was his exhausting role as Family/Career Man?!) or of Toe Jam, I'll share a photo of a double layout my scrapbook club created last Spring (over the next couple of weeks we are creating some fun new Spring layouts!, but I can't share those yet…not until they see them!).  This one was definitely a favorite!  It was inspired (or cased) by a single layout of Fran Koop's (thanks for the inspiration Fran, I always love your work!).  I added some more embellishments and spread some of the details out over two pages so that I could complete a double layout.

I also have a winner of the challenge I left you with on my Cheery Hello post!  Thanks again to all who stopped in, read and took a moment to post a comment!  I love reading your comments and always look forward to more! Kathy is our winner and has been contacted to send her prize!  Can't wait to share with you and see your creations!

Thanks to all of you who attended the Birthday Stamp a Stack yesterday!  It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed your company! The Justice League may have to step aside and make way, for the all new Justice League of Paper Crafters.  We may just take the World by STORM!  lol!  Susie (my trusty sidekick, the Scissor Charmer lol! …good times!) is going to be busy assigning Hero Monikers!  Don't delay joining our fun group if you want to learn your Super Crafter Identity!  I will be offering the Birthday Stamp a Stack again on Tues. March 8th at 6 pm.  If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks!

Have a wonderful week!  Stay warm and let's bring on Spring!  I'm willing it to happen and soon… how can it not with a cheery page like this one?!

Thanks for visiting today! 

Posted on : Feb 28 2011
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Feb 28, 2011 - 04:02:30
Kirsten said:

The germs can definitely go on holidays anytime soon! First it was Oscar on Friday, then Frankie on Sunday and Oscar again today.  πŸ™  I wasn't feeling so hot last night but as someone famous said " the show must go on" ( I just never knew there weren't any sick days when you became a Mom!!!) I am looking forward to next Tuesday night! Have a great week!

Feb 28, 2011 - 06:02:22
kathy said:

Alanna, Well I am so excited I just am doing the happy dance πŸ™‚  Can you hear me whopping it up In Canada? 

What ever you send , when I create something with it I'll send you an email with the picture πŸ™‚  oh and thank your husband too πŸ™‚
Thanks ,