In like a Lion…

Well, it sure came ROARING in like a lion, so please let this be a very strong indication that it's going to play out and leave like a lamb….

Not only did it come roaring in like a lion, it came shrieking and bounding like a Paper Trimming Terror flying down the stairs ….or for those of you who missed the post about my Super Crafter Alter Ego, this all goes to say that March sure came in like a Lion!!  Not only with the weather but with me taking a flying trip down our basement stairs this morning.  Boy, do I feel silly and SORE!  What feels worse though is the thought that I was home alone and if I had passed out like last time…(yes, I fell down the stairs once before…that time resulted in a trip to the hospital by ambulance) my boys would have been waiting at school for me to pick them up for lunch…and I wouldn't have been there….  πŸ™  Thank goodness there was a greater power above watching over me!  πŸ™‚  Guess this doesn't make me out like much of a super hero, does it?! lol!  Super Man came to my rescue and took me with him so that we could pick the boys up for lunch and they were super sweet and concerned about me.  As 'uncool' as this is, my reaction to stress is to laugh (or it takes everything in me not to!) so at least I can say, all I can do about it now is to laugh! …and then go get checked out to make sure I haven't damaged anything.  It happened so fast and I hit so many different parts of me on the trip down the stairs that I'm not totally sure what all I hit.   

This extra little trip I went on took me away from being able to work on any new creations, so I'm going to share another past favorite with you today.  If you're coming here from Stampin' Connection (a really great online source of inspiration for SU demos, a great bonus to your business if you've ever thought of joining <wink>) or were a Scrapbook Club member last year, then you've seen this already but it's kind of fitting and is one way to exercise positive thinking in willing this month to behave like a lamb!

This double page layout was inspired by a single page of Kimberly Van Diepen's and a version that Kristyne Brandt had created as well. I wanted to created a double page scene so with more inspiration from various paper crafters for the punch art animals, I created this double page layout. Post a comment or send me a message if you may have been my inspiration for the punch art, I'd love to give you credit (just can't remember where I visited last Spring for the inspiration and our last computer crashed)  Enjoy!


Posted on : Mar 01 2011
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Mar 1, 2011 - 05:03:09
Susie said:

You are truly entertaining πŸ™‚  I am really glad that you are ok.  …and I guess it is a good sign when you choose to laugh instead of cry when you fall down the stairs.  Maybe laughter IS the best medicine.
As for the superhero monikers, they are being worked on.  Some people/names are harder to create superhero names with than others.  I am going to have to do some more observing during clubs and classes. 
Keep Well…………………………………..Scissor Charmer

Mar 1, 2011 - 06:03:06
Jaime said:

Oh, Alanna!  I am so happy that you are okay. 
Take it easy in the next couple of days because chances are you will be quiet sore for a while. 
I love these pages that we made last year.  I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for this month!

Mar 1, 2011 - 09:03:49
Alanna said:

can’t wait to share with you guys and Susie, we’ll wait patiently, it’s always worth it.

Mar 1, 2011 - 09:03:03
David said:

When you went to the doctor did he ask how your trip was?   did he say see you next fall? lol…  All jokes aside i m glad that your ok…  This is totally something that would happen to me with my luck.

Mar 1, 2011 - 09:03:53
Alanna said:

LOL! No, he didn’t say either of those things, nor did he give me warning not to fall down again, either he thinks it’s hopeless or he knows I also fell down a set as a kid and landed upside down on my head at the bottom (and laughed of course) and that would make 3 times so I’m good now, no more stair falling! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the laugh though!

Mar 2, 2011 - 12:03:19
Glenda Klemick said:

Like Mother, like Daughter:
It really is O.K. to not copy my trips down the stairs.  I totally know how you are feeling.  I don't remember laughing, just staring at the ceiling trying to assess the situation.  Glad to know that you are alive and able to talk about it.  The aches & pains and your bruises will pass.  Just grateful that you didn't hit your head or break anything.  After all, what would we do without our paper-trimming terror.  (Susie, love the demo!)

Mar 2, 2011 - 07:03:58
Sheri Hofley said:

Oh my gosh Alanna, I'm glad your ok! And hopefully now that you've had 3 tumbles down the stairs that your done. I love this page, looks like a lot of work though.

Mar 4, 2011 - 10:03:31
Brenda Skene said:

So glad you’re ok, although no doubt you most likely still have alot of tenderness and sore muscles. These pages were so much fun to make and to learn all the techniques doing them. ~also, it was quite interesting how many punches we used to create many shapes!