Lego Fun for Everyone!

Just like a tower of Lego (and there are many around here), the excitement leading up to turning 7 was built pretty high!  We definitely had a fun, busy & exciting birthday celebration complete with all the antics of excited 7 year old boys!  Aside from some expected requests and reminders not to be too 'wild', the party was a success! 


Ethan has always been very particular about what theme he'd like his party to be.  This year was no exception!  He was set on a Lego party.  With all the excitement of a group of 7 year old boys, we were happy to agree to a party outside our home this year.  March can be a difficult month to plan a party since you never know what Mother Nature will 'spring' on you!  Last year the boys ran around in our DRY yard without a jacket on…this year the yard still has mounds of snow!  So, Ethan chose an indoor play place with a massive play structure.  Booking at a place like this there wasn't a lot of freedom in bringing things in to compliment his theme so we tried to do what we could to create a Lego party!  He loved it and that's what matters most…and I had fun creating little Lego pieces!  


Here is Ethan's birthday card!  Grandma Patti sent him a talking Transformer card in the mail and that set the bar high.  Ethan's request from us was a hand-made talking card.  At first I didn't think I could grant his wish, but then I remembered that Stampin' Up! offers these wonderful recordable cards so I set out to make him this Lego card.  We (Daddy, Lennon and I) recorded a Birthday wish for Ethan.  The look on his face was PRICELESS when he heard our voices in his card!  This was my favorite thing to create for him with a little help from Daddy and Lennon!



A party isn't a party without cake!  We are very lucky that our dear friend Susie is a talented cake decorator and made Ethan this tasty Lego cake.  We bought him a Lego Man flashlight to go with his cake and I think the overall package turned out great!  Thanks Susie!  


Can you tell he's excited about the cake/party?!




Party favors and giving thanks to those who came to celebrate are also a must! Here's our quick and simple treat bag.



The Thank-you tag





After all the fun at the party, we presented Ethan with his gift from us, a guitar!  He's been wanting to learn to play music and while it may not be the easiest instrument to begin with, we took the advice of Ryan's friend who owns a music store and got him the one his heart desired…thanks Ian!  We've already been serenaded with a tune or two!  I think it's a keeper!


Notice the makeshift wrap job?!  Daddy wrapped it up in a hurry!  Ethan didn't seem to care what it was wrapped in, he just wanted to tear into what was inside!



Sharing a tune with Lennon


New Guitar, new do … how have the past 7 years flown by so quickly?!

I almost forgot his party invite.  It was a really quick invite.  I created it in My Digital Studio and while it's not the fanciest of MDS projects, it was fast, simple and suited the purpose of looking like a Lego piece.  Since the Birthday Boy was pleased I was too! 


I hope you enjoyed his party, we sure did!  Thanks for stopping in and reading today!  

I'm excited to learn what the age of 7 will bring! I am thankful that we share our lives together as a family and as much as I'd love time to slow down or pause for just awhile, I realize it's probably best that we can't mess with time! 

Enjoy your week!

I've been building some excitement of my own and with many of you for some upcoming classes.  I'll be back tomorrow (Monday) with some information on what's coming! Stay tuned…

Posted on : Mar 28 2011
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Mar 28, 2011 - 07:03:53
Alana said:

Not sure which is cuter, the cake  or the invites! great ideas!

Mar 28, 2011 - 10:03:09
Alanna said:

Thanks Alana! We had fun with his theme!

Mar 28, 2011 - 05:03:12
Jaime said:

Alanna, it sure looks like Ethan was one happy boy!  I love your creations!  Great job on the punch art, I love the Lego man! 

Mar 29, 2011 - 01:03:16
Susie said:

Alanna…I am glad that Ethan and everyone seemed to enjoy the cake.  I will always do what I can to make Ethan's and Lennon's birthday a happy one.  As for the birthday card…you did an awesome job!  Of course…what else can one expect from a talented lady such as yourself…..oh Queen of Creativity and Inspiration?  LOL  Thanks for having us at the birthday party đŸ™‚

Jul 25, 2014 - 12:07:41
Tina Batori said:

What a great party! My young cousins (and their dads) are really into Legos and I strive to keep to that theme in their cards. You did a great Lego man. My only question is: how did you make the hands? Too cool1