Under the Stars and Over the Moon!

Can you believe I made it back tonight?!  I'm determined this month not to leave you hanging!  I've got another project to share as well as a little more excitement!  


At the start of each Scrapbook Club year (and again part way through) I ask for my club members input as to what themes they'd like to cover throughout the year.  Camping was a popular request and even though we had snow on the ground this morning, Summer really is right around the corner so it's a great time to do a camping page!  I just love the 'Under the Stars' stamp set and the Simple Letters Alphabet Die Set.  Here is one of the four pages we'll create this month.  Hope you like it!



Anyone who wants to try their hand at coloring the bear is also welcome to do so to add a little more excitement to their page.  The main technique on this page is the letters and how to make them shine like the stars!



To create the shiny letters we patted down the front of each letter with Versamark and then coated it with Iridescent Ice Embossing Powder and heat set it.  This element of the page was the most exciting to create!


Can't resist sharing this adorable bear from the Under the Stars stamp set.  Isn't he cute?!  The tent was an idea I saw on Stampin Connection (our exclusive to demonstrators ultimate sharing resource).  I may just go back and add some color to this bear and can't wait to get my photos printed of the boys that I took last summer out in the tent at night!



I hope that you like the page and especially that you give this technique a try to achieve a glittery accent!  


I've got some more excitement to share with you!  I have a couple of winners to two previous blog candy comment challenges!  Susie, you are the winner of the challenge to share about your meaningful Birthday Celebration!  Contact me to claim your prize!  Our next winner is Sheri! Thanks Sheri for sharing your story about your 'Blessing in Disguise'!  Please also be in touch to claim your prize!  I appreciate all of the comments left for me here on my blog and am happy to share these exciting wins with you! 


Onto more excitement…. I shared in my previous post that our spirits are high not only due to our achievement in earning the Disney trip but also for the victories made by our dear friend.  In honor of her victories last week and in anticipation of all of the victories she has yet to claim I want to use this venue to spread the word about an important cause, Organ Donation.   I understand that Organ Donation is an entirely personal choice to make for a variety of reasons.  IF your choice IS to donate after what I pray is a long, well-lived and healthy life, you must express your wishes.  Please sign your donor card, share your wishes with your Dr. and with your loved ones.  Be safe, live well and spread the word! Thank-you! (If you live in Manitoba, you may click here to find the donor form online).  


The excitement levels keep rising and are absolutely over the moon.  Last Thursday was definitely a day filled with excitement.  Our prayers were being answered for our friend and while that is definitely what is most important, a package arrived for Ryan and I!  This is what was in it!



An adorable Travel Wallet with a Travel Log & Itinerary, super cute luggage tags, our lanyards and our travel documents!  We are getting pretty excited and have plenty to do before we go away!  

My Travel Wallet was one that is missing the rubber stamp on the front that says, 'made for you', but Stampin' Up! is so amazing about fixing errors and will be sending out new ones.  I'm thrilled either way and can't wait to see what else is in store …this has totally set the tone for the theme of cruise! It will be so full of fun …. and I'm sure relaxation!  I'm especially looking forward to meeting so many of the wonderfully kind and giving demonstrators who I've only met so far 'online' and to spending a week with Ryan!  …we know our boys will be in wonderfully loving hands!  …and especially looking forward to next year's Disney trip already…especially if our dear friend and her husband and my Mom come along!

Have a great week! Thanks for coming back again!

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May 3, 2011 - 08:05:49
Rose said:

Super cute! I love it! Is this one of the pages we're doing tomorrow?  And way to go on all of the wonderful things coming your way…you deserve it after all of the basement and basement stairs "challenges"

May 5, 2011 - 12:05:56
Alanna said:

Thanks Rose! Sorry this didn’t come through to me before today. Hope you like the pages! 🙂

May 3, 2011 - 11:05:52
Susie said:

Hello again,
I am excited to have won some blog candy!  EVERYONE loves candy….especially the Stampin Up kind 🙂  Thanks for that opportunity Alanna.
As for the camping themed page…love it.  I love everything on the page but for some reason the tent with the open flaps is my favourite.  I could see adding a shining campfire where the bear is as a nice option as well.  Maybe even some of Manitoba's beloved mosquitoes.  LOL  It is a very inspiring page and open to all who might want to add different camping-type elements (according to their own camping experiences).  Now I'm really excited to see what the other Scrapbook Club pages will look like as well!  You are so talented and I am glad that you are experimenting with other themes/types of pages.
As for your "travel stuff"….very cute and very exciting.  I can only imagine all the giddiness with excitement you must be experiencing.  I am excited for you and Ryan……for the much needed and deserved time together you will have.  You will continue to replenish your energies and your love for eachother and your children.
Your children, although they cannot join you on this particular trip, will be well taken care of and loved by many loving hands and hearts.  They are after all like family to those of us that know them….even though we may not be blood relations.
I am POSITIVE  your friend greatly appreciates all that you are doing to spread the word about organ donation.  It is a very important cause that needs support……not forgetting of course that there are MANY other worthwhile causes that need our support.  You are a wonderful friend and wonderful 'sister'.  Loving, kind, extremely talented, and very giving.  Keep up the awesome creativity and don't forget to share it with us….here on your blog.