The game is about to begin! …well, we really have 5 days left and we are going to need every one of them to get ready for the best game of all time! …Ethan is turning 8 and we are counting down the days to his Hockey Themed Birthday Party, which will of course include a game of hockey (mini sticks)! 

I had other things to share but I'll save those for tomorrow.  The other things will have to wait because I am so excited to share the My Digital Studio creation that RYAN…(that's right, not only is he cute, he's crafty too! ..but don't tell him I told you!) created for Ethan's birthday party invite! (with just a little bit of help) Ethan will be so excited to see it and to share it with his friends tomorrow! I can't wait to see the look on his face! ….update: he woke up to use the washroom and came to find me and I couldn't resist showing him…even half in slumber he cracked a HUGE smile!  

One of Ethan's teachers this year had started the kids on earning tickets from already played Jets games.  Ethan is a huge Jets fan, so he's been collecting them ever since! He is proud of his collection!  So, Ryan came up with this 'Ticket' to attend Ethan's Jets party! I can't wait!

Here it is in all it's glory…and it will be far more glorious when it lights up Ethan's face in the morning!


Ethan 8th BD ticket


Thanks for stopping in! What was your favorite birthday as a kid?! I don't remember themes… I remember, hot dogs, chips, pic-a-pop, playing (running around the house screaming is probably what my Mom remembers us doing?), cake (with real coins hidden inside) and presents (the next gift opened was determined by spinning an empty pic-a-pop bottle and opening the gift from whomever the top pointed at! Thanks Mom for all the hard work you must have put into each of our parties throughout 'birthday season'! I can still vividly remember sitting in the middle of our living room floor with a gaggle of girls and a boy or two over the years!

Have a great week, I hope the sun is shining and that you have nice weather like we are going to have on Sunday (I'm willing it to happen, can you tell?!)

Posted on : Mar 20 2012
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