"For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends."-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Each day gives me so much to be grateful for.  As a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, I have the blessing of being part of a wonderful thing!  Stampin' Up! partners with Ronald McDonald House Charities and what that means is that us demonstrators have an opportunity to volunteer at our local Ronald McDonald House.  2 years ago, I became the Lead Volunteer between Stampin' Up! and our local Ronald McDonald House.  As the lead volunteer I have the honor and privilege of leading and organizing a team of volunteer demonstrators to go to our local Ronald McDonald House.  I have arranged that once a month we will provide a night of crafting for the families there. This experience fills me with gratitude for everything listed above and so much more!

Every time we share an evening of crafting with the families there I leave filled with such a range of emotion.  Of course gratitude is one of them. I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity that Stampin Up has offered to me to share these nights with the families and other volunteers.  I feel so much for each and every family there and feel grateful for every single little victory that they experience! Last Thursday, my good friend and fellow demonstrator, Susie and I went to create some very simple but cute little cards with the families there.  This time, we left with such happiness and full of laughter.  It was a night to treasure for sure.  I'll share a bit about why, but want to share some projects with you along the way. 

I have a card to share with you as well as the three little cards that we created that night and also want to share one girls fun spin on the cards we created! 

The first card I have to share is actually one I received in the mail not long ago from Stampin' Up! Can you believe that they are so wonderful to us that they not only give us the tools to share with others to create beautiful projects, but they also take time to create them and send them to US?! I've received other cards in the mail from Stampin' Up! and I tell you that each time is more exciting than the last…a handmade card truly is a treasure!  

RMHC Thanks

I love the simplicity of this card… I tend to go a little overboard a lot of times, but I just love this one.  I see more of this card being created in the studio! I've been hooked on using this butterfly die (Beautiful Wings) lately too! 


Beautiful Wings


Here is the super simple little set of cards each participant got to make.  Stampin' Up! has this fabulous scented embossing powder offered in Vanilla, Cherry and Melon.  Cherry is my favorite scent of the three! It was great to stick to something simple and with that, the kids enjoyed themselves and felt quite accomplished!  Another nice thing about these cards is that you can get exactly 4 bases out of one sheet of cardstock.  I cut an 8.5 x 11 sheet into quarters and that was what I used as the base for the card.  All I needed aside from that was whisper white, the crumb cake word windows, the popsicle stamp from Mouthwatering, the three colors of craft ink (Chocolate Chip, Real Red and Certainly Celery) and the three scented powders.  The certainly celery ink with Melon embossing powder is on a Pear Pizzazz base.  The Vanilla scented powder is on Chocolate Chip.  They smell delicious!  Luis (a staff member at RMH) almost ate one! 



Here's the Cherry one close up…. so close you can almost smell that Cherry Popsicle! 

The kids and parents alike loved creating these cards and blowing the scent around each time we used the heat tool to emboss an image! …. the fun and happiness shared that night is exactly why we left there so full of happiness that night…i'll get to the laughter shortly!


Cherry Popsicle

Here is another version of the card that I helped one of the kids come up with.  (this was just taken on my phone) When we were all done with the set of 3 for each person, she wanted to do something with the ice cream cone (also from the Mouthwatering stamp set) and all three scents…there was no resisting putting a smile on her face over this one, so we worked with what we had and she created this card….while her hands were all bandaged up no less… a little determination goes a long way!  She had fun working away on this card!

Ice Cream


I hope you enjoy the simplicity of these cards and feel inspired to share some creating with your loved ones or someone who needs a friend or someone to spend some time with.  Crafting and friends are two big parts of my life and I love it when they come together.  I'll share with you a bit about why we were full of contentment after last week's visit.  I'll be honest and say that sometimes (always), once we're all finished and packed to go home, that I can't get home fast enough to sneak into my children's rooms and give them a snuggle! While I was of course excited to see them this time too, I/we were overjoyed to share the night with a little 4 year old girl we met a year ago who at the time was too sick to join us.  This time, she is on the recovering side of the battle she's been faced with and this time she bounced around singing in between trips back to the table to craft with us.  She'd make a card…bounce away for a bit and then bounce back!  As we were getting ready to go, I thanked her for making cards with us, she thanked us back and then with a big wave of her arm shouted, 'I love you' and then as she walked with us to the elevator, she called out, 'don't get lost on the way home and with another wave of her arm, 'take a flashlight!' She sure made us smile and laugh.  It was so great to see how far she has come in almost a year since we last saw her.  The day we first met her was the last time Susie was able to attend Ronald McDonald House with me (before having some serious health complications of her own), the very next day Susie had something occur that resulted in her being the recipient of a kidney transplant that saved her life. (She is the dear friend I posted about here and received her transplant 2 wks following that post).  Susie, that victory is yours and I'm so grateful to be witness to your victory and to be your friend.  Seeing such a tremendous change in both of these two amazing girls in less than one year and seeing them both together and living life truly made my heart content! Each of the families had a special story and a special way of touching our lives and we only hope we were able to make at the very least, a small difference in theirs!

Thank-you Stampin Up for this opportunity!

Have a wonderful day… if you stuck with me this long, thank-you! What was intended to be a short post turned out rather long, but thanks for letting me share! 

Posted on : Mar 14 2012
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Mar 14, 2012 - 01:03:16
Lisa said:

Very cute cards! Sounds like fun was had by all.  Did you get my phone message yesterday?

Mar 14, 2012 - 04:03:46
Susie said:

I had a wonderful time at RMHC, and I felt like bringing the little girl home with me….she was too adorable 🙂
Thank You for your friendship, and for introducing me to Stampin' Up and RMHC.  They are both great organizations.
Lots of Love and Hugs for you and your family……and now my family too 🙂