Happy Mother’s Day!

I wish the Happiest of days to all of you Mothers on this Mother's Day.  Extra special wishes are sent to my own Mom for being the most amazing and loving role model!  I love you Mom!  We also send extra special wishes to Grandma Patti and to Grandma Grandma as well as to my beautiful Sisters-in-law, to my many Friends who are Mothers and to those of you who are like a Mom to someone and who have the Spirit of Motherhood in your heart!  This day is to celebrate you! Enjoy!


I had a really sweet start to my day! Ethan is always the first awake in our house on the weekend, so I awoke to him standing beside our bed anxious to show me what he had made me for Mother's Day.  Last Sunday during one of my classes he hauled a bunch of my supplies up the stairs and made me this adorable card!  All he needed was paper, stamps, ink and his own touch of creativity!  He even added some ribbon, that is a boy after my own heart!



This is what he made at school! Check out the adorable paper-pieced tulips! 


I just LOVE his poem! …and can't get over the tulips! He is pretty proud of them too! These projects will definitely make it to a scrapbook page along with some photos of us from today! 


Here is what Lennon created at Preschool!  This explains the orange finger nails one day last week!  He told me he was painting with his hands and surprisingly kept it a secret!  ..he's a good little keeper of secrets…we're in trouble in his teens!  

This is how it was wrapped!


This is what was inside, now if this doesn't tug at the heart strings, I'm not sure what will?!




Another sweet poem!


All of this sweetness was a wonderful start to my day! ..and it got even better!

Ethan set the table all by himself this morning…can you tell?!  Love the kid dishes he chose along with the sparkly cups!  He even got out the table cloth that was a special gift from Susie and family that her Dad brought back from Portugal.  Don't you love the DQ napkins?!  I just love it all!



The Boys all made breakfast and to top things off Ryan created this in My Digital Studio (all by HIMSELF) as a surprise and played nice music to set the mood.  We all loved it!  I have to admit I was quite surprised that he came up with this and that he played his hand at MDS!  This was a template that he added the photos to and changed a couple of things. I'm impressed and feel very loved!  It doesn't take much to make me happy!  A few handmade cards, love shared and time with my boys is all it takes!



Have a wonderful day!  I hope you get to share it with loved ones and that you keep your loved ones who are afar close at heart today!  


Happy Mother's Day!

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Extra, extra….

A double-post Friday! K, I'll admit…I'm playing catch up for the days I missed this week.  I had so much I wanted to share but the week just flew by!  Here's a project I wanted to share on Tuesday back when the new downloads were released, I hope you enjoy it now!

Did you know that there is way more to My Digital Studio than the already abundant supply that is standard with the program?  Stampin Up! offers 'extras'  or 'downloads' pretty much every Tuesday!  I love Tuesdays for this reason! I can't wait to see what new downloads there are every week!  …and the prices are so great, that it's hard to resist.  A punch is only about $1.25! Don't you think that's an amazing value?!  I'm a sucker for a good deal and paper crafts so these two together work perfectly for me!  If you remember my 'I'm so lucky' page, that was created with a download, 'Love Letter'.  This weeks new downloads are listed below.  Keep a watch out for announcements of new downloads each Tuesday, I'll come back to share them with you!

Two of my favorite new downloads this week are the Nursery Alphabet Images and the Nursery Alphabet Letters.  I'll come back to THIS post later to share them with you. …still needing a little help with that!  The other new downloads are: Textured Cardstock Add-On, In color Add-on (ribbon), Sahara Sand DSP, Whisper White DSP and Ribbon of Hope Stamp Brush.

I have to admit I've owned My Digital Studio (MDS) for over a year but I really only started playing with it this January (I dabbled a bit before that) when I joined Heather Summers MDS club.  I am loving it!  This page was created by me using one of her templates/sketches.  I used a few downloads on this one and really like how it turned out.  Oh, how I miss those sweet little baby days…as much as I enjoy his cuteness now!  đŸ™‚

This page uses these downloads: Notable Desktop Calendar, Decorative Label Punch, Vintage Trinkets and Crochet Trim. 

The photos are not what I'm used to these days with our new camera.  These were with an old point and shoot camera and I've certainly become spoiled with a fancier camera than it was.  Maybe these photography lessons I'm taking will help me learn how to take advantage of all that my camera has to offer?!  …there's hope isn't there?! 

I have also  created a 'mirrored' page of 'now' and will share that soon as well.  Enjoy this one in the mean time!

What would you create a 'then and now' themed page of?  I'd love to do one of my family when we were kids (all of my brothers and I with our Mom and Dad) and one of the whole lot of us now, with our spouses and all of our kids! .. all 14 Grandchildren and one of them with their Grandma!  Can't wait to hear what you want to do a now and then of!

Enjoy your weekend, I hope it includes some crafting!

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