It’s been awhile…

….a REALLY LONG while!  I'm glad to be back, I hope you'll welcome me and join me again!  I hope this time around I can keep up a little better with the blogging and not disappear for 10 months! … I can NOT believe it's been quite that long…. a lot has gone on in almost a year.

On the Stampin' Up front we have had some opportunity for travel.  Ryan and I enjoyed a trip to Alaska, I got to share convention in Sale Lake City with a group of my friends and downline and I was honored with a trip to St. George, Utah for Founders Circle!!  It was an absolutely amazing experience! With the help of pretty much the same group of friends and downline who attended convention (plus a few more), I ran a Fundraiser for Dreams Take Flight last September and I've kept up with offering clubs and classes here at home.  Speaking of home… home life has been busy (as it is for everyone) and over the past few months I've enjoyed having a little more time to share with my boys!  They sure are a lot of fun and they are definitely full of reasons to make me laugh.  

Lennon (my 4 yr old) had us laughing plenty this week with all of his talk about 'LOVE"! I do have a couple of 'love' themed pages to share with you, but first I'll share a bit about Lennon's love story.  One day this week on the way home from preschool, Lennon said to me about his 'girlfriend' at school, 'Raelynn, would be a wonderful wife for me'. I later asked him what would make her a wonderful wife.  He said, 'we'd marry' (that's what makes her his wife).  When I asked again what makes it wonderful his answer was, 'playing together'!  He also said that Ryan and I are a wonderful husband and wife because we play together and love each other.  I love his outlook on how simple things can be.  Maybe as adults we complicate things too much?!  I really think he's onto something with the simplicity of his idea on what makes things wonderful!  While he did say that he still needs me to take care of him for now, he seems to have his life all planned out!  Later that day when we picked Ethan up from school, he shared that he is going to be a teacher and a beautiful husband.  Even though his little love story is super sweet and made me laugh, I'm happy to tighten the reins a little and hold on to my little boy so we can snuggle up together, play lego or playmobil, and sing abc's! You've got a whole lifetime to grow up on me, my boy….let's just slow down a little.  πŸ™‚

With all this love in the air I wanted to devote some time to get back to my blog to share these pages with you! 

We created this first page at Scrapbook Club this month.  It was an intense one.  We had PLENTY of die-cutting to do on this page but overall most people loved it! This page was inspired by one I found on Pinterest! … one of my new favorite places to visit!  πŸ™‚  I simplified it a little and changed out the supplies to all Stampin' Up! product.  Although it was a case, it took me quite a long while to choose what products to use and to create the sample.  I do really like the end result and especially love those two boys on the page! I'll find the original creator of the page that inspired this and come back to share.  

Update: The original page was created by Nichol Magouirk.  Her work is stunning, I followed the links on Pinterest today (in my search to find her name) and ended up at her blog.  There are definitely more projects there that inspire me! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your talent NIchol!



I'll share some of the details. Here I attached the button to the heart by putting the brad right through the holes in the button and then into the heart.  It definitely won't fall off this way! 

Brad Button

I loved how Carrie Gaskin had used the negative space of the embosslit, Fashionable Hearts to create a 'Quilt Square' so I knew i wanted to add one to this page.  6 passes through the big shot later, I'm happy with how it turned out and I had plenty of hearts left over to decorate this page.  We also used an Early Espresso marker and the I Love Love wheel to stamp/roll love onto the tag. 

Quilt Square

Hearts to adorn the page

Love Hearts

I used a piece of Twitterpated Fabric and a Twitterpated button to add a little touch to this tag

Lennon Love


Here is the second page we created.  It was definitely the much simpler of the two.  I cased a layout on the cover of a magazine as inspiration and used the Twitterpated line of products by Stampin' Up! as well as Letter It alphabet set and P.S. I Love You to come up with this page.  Enjoy!

I actually prefer it without the ribbon tails, but in attempt to take them off, I ripped the DSP underneath, so they are staying put for now! πŸ™‚  Just a tip to save you a little time and cost though, it looks great without those little tails!  


Love Us


Love Token

With tokens and tickets being a popular trend in paper crafting I wanted to show them how I came up with creating customized tickets so we added this one to our page.  

Love Token 2


I hope you've enjoyed the pages today and that some of you who followed me almost a full year ago will come back again! I'm looking forward to soon sharing a new blog design and with a 10 month hiatus I've got plenty of samples piled up to share!  Have a great Sunday!

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We are officially Disney-bound next April on the Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip and as exciting as it was to share the news with the boys this morning, it is equally important to share our thanks with every one of you who has helped and supported us to get there!  THANK-YOU to each and every one of you who have supported my Stampin' Up! business this year!  While I definitely put a lot of heart & soul and work into sharing Stampin' Up! with you, we are truly appreciative to each of you!  


Now before we head to Alaska or to Disney, maybe I should book myself into the 'Delinquent Bloggers Bootcamp' and get back on track sharing here with all of you.  April was such a crazy busy month with plenty of 'extras' that kept us busier than usual.  Those extras included the water mess in the basment, but maybe I'll have a new stampin space to share with you when we get home from Alaska?!  I will have to pack up my entire space in order to renovate from the damage of the water when our hot water tank leaked everywhere.  

Here are a couple of photos of the boys to share their excitement and our thanks for helping us achieve the Disney trip!



The weekend's weather couldn't dampen our spirits.  We had plenty to celebrate around here.  Our Disney achievement, some personal business achievements and most of all the tremendous victories that our dear friend made this past week!  


While last week was definitely busier than most weeks, it sure was one fantastic week full of victories for which we are very thankful!  May is sure to bring plenty more excitement and celebrations.  


I can't leave you without sharing a craft today since it has been FAR too long since I've shared any projects with you! With celebrations in mind, I wanted to share a page that we created at Scrapbook Club last month.  I think this one would be great to use as page of Ryan and I on one of our upcoming formal evenings on cruise or even to save and use for photos of the castle in Disney next year! ..this page has many possibilities! 


Here are some of the details.  The Rosettes were still in stock from the Occasions Mini at the time we created the page so they were a quick and easy accent!  I loved those Rosettes and how easy they were to 'color'.  Although these are sold out and as far as we know not to return, many great items did carry over from the Occasions Mini.  Click here to see which items you might have feared you missed but can still get your hands on!  The leaves for the Rosettes were created with the Blossom Petals Punch and I'm happy to announce that it will carry over to the new Idea Book and Catalogue and is on the carry over list until then!  



We embossed the Medallion with Baja Breeze Craft ink to co-ordinate with the Elegant Soiree Designer Series Paper.  To make this job a little easier than the otherwise tedious process of using a craft spot on such a big stamp, I inked an Uninked Craft Pad with the Baja Breeze craft refill to speed up the process and then heat set it with clear embossing powder.  We also tried a little emboss resist by applying some Soft Suede ink to the stamped image and CS to help soften it up a bit.  You can find the Uninked Craft Pads here on the carryover list from the 2010 Holiday Mini.  All items on this carry over flyer are also still available.  


I hope you like the page and our exciting news!  Thanks for your patience this past month and for coming back to visit again!  I appreciate your time to stop in and share with me!


That's all for now Folks!


Please post a comment to encourage me to get back on track with the blogging!   I'll be back later today with the winners of my last challenge (and if you can believe it, the Birthday Challenge…I forgot to draw that one! )

Have a fantastic week, I hope yours is full of victories big and small!  

Birthday ‘Fever’

It may not be all about the birthday, but the soon-to-be Birthday Boy is home from school today with a fever!  I sure hope this passes by tomorrow and he's back to his normal energetic self! (albeit, super energetic but that beats being sick hands down!)  After my club last night he woke up with this fever ..given that this meant I cuddled him rather than go back to work (one of the glories of working from home) I didn't make it back to the studio or to the computer to reply to emails or to create a post.  Watch your inbox today if you were waiting on a reply last night.  I think we're on the home stretch and am hoping and praying for good health for tomorrow and beyond! 

Seeing as Ethan seems to be the star of the week around here I wanted to share a couple of pictures of him as he entered the World and very quickly captured our hearts!  It's true that once you hear your baby cry (especially if they don't at first and you have seconds of angst waiting to know that he/she is okay) and you hold them close and your hearts are immediately & forever bonded & tightly intertwined, that you quickly overcome the hardships of labor, delivery and recovery!  …now if only they came with a 'demonstrator' to show you how things are done in raising a child!  <wink> 


Here's what my 10 pound 13 ounce Baby Boy looked like after his first breaths were finally taken and we were over the initial scares and then shock at what he weighed!  I remember seeing his huge hand pop out of the bassinet that they were checking him over in and not even being able to guess at his weight! Look how easy it was to cover up his parts with just a small piece of Whisper White CS, a pair of scissors and a 1/2" circle punch.  It took me literally about a half a minute and some repositionable adhesive (so that I can take the 'diaper' off to put the photo back in our album) to cover him up.  Sorry, we weren't on trend with digital yet when he was born so photos of photos will have to do.  



Here he is at 1 week old and growing steadily!  He looks so grown up at just one week old!  (I tell you we learned our lesson quickly and by our 2nd baby, we wanted to slow things down so he definitely wasn't all dressed up in jeans quite so soon!)  Can you believe that by 3 months, Ethan was already 20 pounds?! He's definitely stretched into his weight by now and I'm just amazed at how quickly time flies!  He is definitely a bright blessing in our lives and we are excited to share his birthday tomorrow!  



It's definitely been one fun 'play date' for the past 7 yrs!  Forgive me, I couldn't resist. …here's one of the pages we created at Scrapbook Club this month using the Stampin' Up! Play Date collection of DSP and rub-ons!  I'm looking forward to taking some new pictures of the Birthday Boy as soon as Spring comes and adding them to this page.  This layout was another Sketchy Thursday layout.  I hope you like it! 


The details:


I'll be back to update with the supply list.  In the mean time, enjoy!  

CHALLENGE FOR THE DAY: Post a comment to share your most favorite birthday celebration!  I'll choose a random # again and the winner will receive Play Date Rub-ons! Thanks for 'playing' along! 

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